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  • 1. When sharing (inserting) a YouTube (Share Link), TikTok (Copy Link), Facebook (Embed Link) or Dailymotion (Copy Link) Performance Video, enter that link in the “Post Content” section before you have written any comments (again, this is the “Share” link in YouTube and “Embed” Link in Facebook). 
  • 2. Make sure to select a category from the dropdown list.
  • 3. Choose any photo for the “Post Image” Section. This photo will be used as your post preview photo (Example – Photo of Yourself, Band Photo, etc). No photo handy ? Choose from the optional photos in the Gallery Section below.
  • Make sure to solve the simple math question to make sure you are not a robot. 
  • Check back often to see how your performance is ranking with your visitors. 
  • Thanks for sharing  your story and video performance and thanks for sharing with GigRank  ! 


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